2014 : 527 618 360 euros

2015 : 538 617 449 euros

2016 : 520 912 880 euros


ArcelorMittal is committed to maintaining its activities in Luxembourg, one of the cradles of the European steel industry and a pool of rich and valuable expertise which has been accumulated over decades of steelmaking. ArcelorMittal has grown over the years to deal with a rapidly changing environment through free trade and increased global competition.

Its activities have also been shaped by the challenges of Sustainable development, particularly in the area of climate change. The company has integrated into its strategy the growing requirements for controlling greenhouse gas emissions and for complying with the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) introduced in 2005.

Pierre-Nicolas Werner

Government & Institutional Relations manager - ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

Over the years, the allocation system of allowances and the total emissions cap have changed with European and global legislation setting ever-more demanding environmental targets (reduction of GHG and energy consumption, increase in the proportion of renewable energy in the consumption and production of energy, etc.). ArcelorMittal is conscious of its carbon footprint, takes full responsibility and comes into line with these legitimate reforms to maintain its business.

Nevertheless, for some years, ArcelorMittal, like most of the steel industry, has been facing a market where the rules of the game are not the same for all players. While European steel manufacturers are required to control their greenhouse gas emissions, others in the industry do not face the same constraints, which leads to a distortion of competition with particularly adverse effects for the steel industry in Europe.