ArcelorMittal’s global headquarters, where the group’s central functions are based, are located in Luxembourg.

The group administration in Luxembourg is handled by people working in marketing, finance, communications, human resources, purchasing and various other departments and business areas. Moreover, engineers in the fields of metallurgy, material sciences, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering or technical computer sciences are working at our 13 sites in Luxembourg and at the R&D centre in Esch-sur-Alzette.

We are a truly global company and our diverse workforce reflects this. As an employer, investing in people is one of the pillars of our corporate responsibility strategy, and we demonstrate this by treating people of all levels with respect and dignity, and helping them to develop their careers.

Our goal is that all employees of our group receive the best possible training to enable them to carry out their tasks as good as possible. At the same time the personal development potential of the employees is being settled. Managers are built from their own ranks and developed through specific actions  - for example via the ArcelorMittal University which aims to help employees gain relevant professional and leadership skills.

Our university

The ArcelorMittal University plays a key role in strengthening our corporate culture and advancing careers. We are very proud of ArcelorMittal University and what it offers our employees. Not only does it provide new recruits and current employees the resources and support necessary to improve and advance their careers, but like all good universities it is a place for exchanging ideas, connecting and networking, and for expanding horizons.

From career-enhancing management courses to tailored induction programmes and online language tuition to help international moves go smoothly, the University is an invaluable company-wide resource.

 The University also offers highly specialised and technical training in mining and steelmaking skills, including coalmaking, hot rolling, maintenance, sintering and slag management. Our University is constantly evolving to meet new business needs and market conditions. For example, it has introduced programmes to address business challenges in emerging economies in alignment with the company’s growth strategy.