Focus on the ArcelorMittal University

We support our employees’ development with professional courses at the ArcelorMittal University. The ArcelorMittal University is at the heart of our training and development activities. It aims to help employees gain relevant professional and leadership skills - and it is a leading educational initiative in our industry.

The University offers a diverse choice of leadership, management, functional, technical and bespoke programmes to employees across the company, encouraging lifelong learning and enabling professional progression.

The main campus is in Luxembourg, but, like our group the University is a global institution, with several campuses in different parts of the globe. The residential leadership and management programmes are attended by people from around the world.  The proposed programmes are varied in content and format, but they all have a carefully designed structure which helps students learn in a way that will progress their career and personal development.

The University offers highly specialised technical training in mining and steelmaking skills, including coke making, hot rolling, slag management, sintering and maintenance. Along with professional training, the University provides opportunities for leadership development. Its leadership and management academies run programmes to help current leaders develop essential skills such as personal and team effectiveness, business acumen and interpersonal skills. As part of the leadership academy, the talent pipeline programmes sets out to identify and encourage potential in people and turn them into future ArcelorMittal leaders.

Our University is constantly evolving to meet new business needs and market conditions. For example, it has introduced programmes to address business challenges in emerging economies in alignment with the company’s growth strategy.

The University adapted to the adverse conditions by extending remote and web-based learning. A virtual universe of online learning options can now be accessed from anywhere. In 2012, more than 27,000 employees participated in our university training.

The University received an Excellence in Practice Award from the European Foundation for Management Development in October 2011, thus showcasing ArcelorMittal University programmes to the top business schools and the corporate universities of the world’s top500 global companies.

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