Products that accelerate more sustainable lifestyles

    Developing a greener economy is becoming a central issue for citizens around the world.

    Offering products whose implementation is eco-friendly and that guarantee the longest possible lifespan for the projects in which they are used as well as developing steels that make lighter vehicles is our response to this aim.

    Our research and development is thus at the heart of our industrial approach to design, propose and develop solutions that promote sustainable lifestyles. Our R&D centre located in Esch-sur-Alzette works in close collaboration with our customers, our sales teams and our production sites.

    What we did in 2014

    In 2014, several projects and techniques applied in our Luxembourg plants were deployed throughout the world. These included the optimisation of scrap mix, the regulation of the electrical supply to the furnace, the optimum selection of injected electrical power in order to reduce the electrical consumption of the furnaces, the development of an automatic system to detect water loss in the furnace cooling systems, the improvement of the rolling process to reduce defects and the consumption of cylinders.



    Appealing to employees

    Beyond research activities, our employees are also a driver for sustainable development. By raising their awareness of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, we are encouraging them to contribute to sustainable development. This is the purpose of the ECO-gest’ campaign launched in September 2014. Through suggestions, tips and advice, this campaign helps everyone to do their bit for the preservation of the environment. Two themes have been addressed in 2014: efficient energy use and electricity. Others will follow in 2015.


    Our commitment to the future

    Our R&D team, with the support of the Belval plant, is working on providing sheet piles with larger dimensions for more resistant infrastructures that are easier to build. The year 2015 will provide the opportunity to make progress in this area. In parallel, the collaboration with the University of Luxembourg shall continue.

    Do you want to know more? Check out our Sustainable development report 2014.