The diversity of steel

ArcelorMittal is the leading private sector employer in the Grand Duchy with over 4 100 employees. ArcelorMittal’s cutting-edge products, which are often unique, are produced in Luxembourg and exported around the world, offering high added value to our customers.

Luxembourg is home to ArcelorMittal’s world headquarters, where the central functions of the group are established.

Its thirteen facilities, of which nine are industrial sites active in steel production or processing, span three product segments.

Its steel solutions mainly cover the construction, automotive, general industry and agriculture markets.

The Long Products segment produces light, medium and special sections, rails, heavy beams, sheet piles and rebars. In Luxembourg, Long Products are based primarily at the Belval site which has an electric arc furnace plant with a continuous casting line, and two rolling mills –the Medium Mill for the production of medium beams and Section Mill 2 for the production of sheet piles. The Differdange site also has an electric arc furnace and a continuous casting line. Its Grey Mill specialises in rolling heavy beams (specifically Jumbo beams) and sheet piles. Differdange currently produces the heaviest beam blank and the highest (1,108 mm) and heaviest beams (1,377 kg/m) in the world. The rolling mill at Rodange (Mill A) produces special sections (specifically rails of different types including those for tram tracks).

The Flat Products segment produces hot-dip galvanised sheets and electrozinc plate sheets for the construction, automotive, and general industry markets. The Dudelange site has two hot-dip galvanising lines, two electroplating lines and a Steel Service Centre consisting of two slitting lines and two cutting lines. It produces Usibor®, Alusi®, Aluzinc® and electrogalvanised sheets.

The Distribution Solutions segment in Luxembourg specialises in the production of wire for fencing and the agricultural sector, galvanised and soft wires, and metal fibres. The wire drawing mill that is over a century old at Bissen.

In Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal also has a centre specialising in the research and development of heavy long products.

Among the specialised sites, Dommeldange is a mechanics workshop which incorporates centres of expertise in engineering, welding, machining and assembly. The European Logistics Centre is a central store of beams for the distribution network and also serves as the logistics centre for deliveries to Luxembourg plants.

Lastly, Sotel delivers power to the main ArcelorMittal plants in Luxembourg.