With its two hot dip galvanization lines, two electro-galvanizing lines and its Steel Service Centre consisting of two cutting lines and two shear lines, the Dudelange site produces Usibor®, Alusi®, Aluzinc® and Electrogalvanised steel sheets used in automotive industry, general industry and building.

In 2007, "Arcelor Dudelange", commonly known under the name "Galvalange", and "Ewald Giebel Luxembourg" gather to form one single industrial pole: ArcelorMittal Dudelange. The plant celebrated its 30 years in 2010.

ArcelorMittal Dudelange consists of:

  • Two hot dip galvanizing lines (Aluzinc®, Alusi® & Usibor®)
  • Two electro-galvanizing coating lines (Electrogalvanised)
  • Steel Service Centre: two slitting lines and two cutting lines.

It produces four coatings: Aluzinc®, Alusi®, Usibor® and Electrogalvanised steel sheets.

For ArcelorMittal Dudelange, as for the entire group, Health & Safety is the first priority, some teams in Dudelange have already reached 4,000 days without lost time injury accident. The plant is integrated to the Atlantique - Lorraine perimeter (which includes the plants of Florange, Basse-Indre, Mouzon, Montataire, Dunkerque, Mardyck and Desvres in France ).

Key figures
Creation: 1980
Annual production capacity: 920 000 tonnes.
Staff: 205.

Products & Applications
Aluzinc® (55% Aluminium, 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% Silicon) is mainly used in building (roofing, cladding and indoor), in petrochemical industry, electrical and in household appliances, deep drawing applications.

Three specific Aluzinc® grades were recently developed:  Aluzinc® "Florelis" (aesthetic cladding), Aluzinc® "HFX" (Deep drawing applications as standing seam roofs or small industrial parts) and Aluzinc® NSB (Ventilation boxes and visble industrial applications).

Alusi® (90% Aluminium and 10% Silicon) is dedicated to automotive industry (exhaust systems, thermal shields) and domestic appliances (ovens or barbecues).

Usibor® (hardening boron steel, composed with Alusi® coating with 90% Aluminium and 10% Silicon) is used in structural and safety applications in automotive industry (front and rear bumper beams, windscreen upright reinforcements, B-pillar, floor and roof reinforcements).

Electrogalvanised (composed of 99,995% zinc), is used in domestic appliances (washing machines, dryers), in teletronics (computers, flat screens and HI-FI) and also in metallic furniture.

ArcelorMittal Dudelange S.A.
Zone Industrielle Wolser • p.o box 92
L-3401 Dudelange
T: +352 51 86 86 - 1
E: dudelange.team@arcelormittal.com