Sotel ensures electricity transmission and specialized management services related to energy procurement of ArcelorMittal steel plants.

Sotel SC
The company Sotel SC (Société de Transport d’Energie Electrique du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg), has been founded in 1927 as a cooperative company. The actual associates are ArcelorMittal subsidiaries (75%), the French energy supplier EDF (21%), the engineering and construction company Paul Wurth S.A. (2%) and the Belgian energy supplier Electrabel (2%).

Sotel SC’s main missions include among others the technical and management support of the entity ArcelorMittal Energy SCA - integrating for example the management of energy supply contracts (gas and electricity) or the development, maintenance and operation of hard- and software tools representing a centralized European platform.

Sotel Réseau & Cie
The company Sotel Réseau & Cie secs has been founded in November 2001 to meet the requirements of the law of 24 July 2000 on the new organization of the electricity market and separate grid and management activities of an official ministerial authorization. Its associates are ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange and Sotel S.C.

Main missions:

  • operation and maintenance of an industrial (high voltage) grid, to ensure mainly reliable electricity transport and distribution to major steel plants in Luxembourg
  • technical management of high voltage projects including: engineering, subcontracting, maintenance and repair works, coordination and planning of outages
  • 24h/7d grid dispatching and supervision (loads and infrastructures) , . .

Sotel’s industrial grid delivers annual electricity volumes of 1,5 to 2,2 TWh (billions of KWh) to its customers in Luxembourg, roughly corresponding to 30% of the country’s total annual electricity consumption.

More than 95% of the electricity delivered through Sotel’s grid is consumed by ArcelorMittal steel plants. The remaining volumes are delivered to the national railway company chemins de fer luxembourgeois (CFL), to a clinker producing plant (Cimalux) and to Paul Wurth S.A.

Sotel SC
4, rue de Soleuvre
L-4321 Esch-sur-Alzette
Phone +352 55 19 21 
Fax +352 57 22 13