Our approach

Understanding our corporate responsibility, creating shared value

The company already has a long-standing commitment to its stakeholders. This goes back to the early days of the steel industry, when the company introduced a social policy for its employees including health insurance and pensions and provided access to everyday consumer goods via cooperative purchasing associations. Indeed, the group’s management also contributed to setting up the Red Cross in Luxembourg in 1914. Nowadays, ArcelorMittal continues to pursue this philosophy and extend it to all its stakeholders. The health and safety of its employees and contractors remain paramount to the group.

We shall continue to address the challenge of a greener economy by manufacturing products designed to achieve this goal. Our Usibor® steel produced at Dudelange helps lighten the structure of vehicles and promote lower fuel consumption; our lighter, stronger beams produced at Belval and Differdange used in skyscrapers all over the world offer a weight saving (and consequently CO2 reduction); Crapal® vineyard wire manufactured at Bissen is 2 to 16 times more resistant to corrosion than standard galvanised wire and features reduce coatings’ thickness. Steel is a high-tech, infinitely recyclable product, ideally suited to a circular economy. By channeling back onto the market “second-hand” sheet pile re-conditioned for optimal reuse, we can save natural resources and avoid further CO2 emissions.