Health and Safety

Our goal is to provide our employees and sub-contractors with secure working environment. Their safety is our number one priority. The principle of Zero Accident is embedded in our corporate culture and guides our teams and management in their daily activities.

ArcelorMittal’s sites in Luxembourg are mainly industrial sites and represent complex environments.

The activities undertaken in these large infrastructures imply a lot of safety issues. ArcelorMittal has set itself the ambitious target of being the world’s safest steel and mining company.

Health & Safety day 2015. Dudelange site: emergency descent from a crane as part of a training course in evacuation equipment installed in crane cabs

ArcelorMittal’s Continuous Improvement Challenge promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience, and also the development of better working practices and team work. The tool seeks to boost progress and operational excellence in four areas: health and safety, growth in turnover, improvement in variable costs, and improvement in productivity.

Among the 33 projects in 2015, our Belval and Differdange sites, in partnership with our Esch-sur-Alzette R&D (Research & Development) centre, focused on safety. Indeed, a new system to detect water leaks to avoid any risk of explosion at the steelworks has been designed in Belval and a real-time heat control to prevent the breakout of liquid metal from a ladle in the ladle furnace has been developed in Differdange.

The maturity project, a multidisciplinary project to bring long-lasting improvement to performance in health and safety was launched at the Belval site in late 2013 and made considerable strides in 2015. Efforts focused on developing a genuine “Maturity Culture”, to make health and safety real values that all our workers want to reach. Once this culture is embedded, we will really be in a position to make Zero Accident a reality.

Further to this long-term approach involving all stakeholders, we plan to launch several activities in 2016, including a campaign focusing on the seven ingredients of success of this Maturity Culture, a “Take Care” training course focusing on health and safety golden rules, risk perception and personal engagement, and the development of the “No Touch” programme aimed at making load handling safer.