Safe, healthy, quality working lives for our people


ArcelorMittal employees and contractors must be able to move forward in a fully secure way in their work environment. Their safety is our number one priority. ArcelorMittal’s sites in Luxembourg are mainly industrial sites and represent particularly complex environments. In fact, the activities undertaken in these large infrastructures can cause various safety issues every day. However, ArcelorMittal has set itself the ambitious aim of being the world’s safest steel and mining company, and provides appropriate resources to this end every day.

What we did in 2014

In 2014, ArcelorMittal’s safety results for Luxembourg generally improved, thanks to the targeted measures put in place. As such, the lost-time injury frequency rate went down from 2.14 in 2013 to 1.36 in 2014. However, this must not overshadow the fact that despite these efforts, in 2014 there were four lost-time injuries at our Belval site, three in Differdange and two in Bissen.

Of note is the excellent performance of a team at the galvanisation site in Dudelange, which posted 5,000 days without lost-time Roland Bastian CEO ArcelorMittal Belval injury, as well as the one of the EMF multifunctional team at Differdange which posted 2,500 days without a lost-time injury, and the stunning achievement by the research & development centre of 17 years without a lost-time injury.

In 2014, at group level, we achieved a frequency rate of 0.85 accidents per million hours worked, identical to the 2013 figure.

Our commitment to the future

In 2015, the commitment to Zero Accidents remains a top priority for the Group and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg. In order to achieve this goal, the "Stop, think and act safely" leitmotiv will be rolled out and disseminated throughout the year, to help everyone to act by assessing the consequences of their actions, and remaining attentive to those of their colleagues, in the spirit of shared vigilance. In parallel, a high frequency of audits and safety minutes (short daily meetings conducted by each team leader) and safety meetings will be maintained. Additionally, all managers will be asked to spend as much time as possible on the shopfloor.

Health and well-being

The health and well-being of our employees and contractors are also major challenges for ArcelorMittal. They all spend a lot of time in their working environments, so feeling good in these environments is fundamental. The company also aims to strengthen our employees’ sense of belonging to create closer ties and boost their creative energy.

  • Cycling together!

Reflecting the deep ties between our sites in Luxembourg, the second edition of the Intersites Bike Rally took place on July 5, with friendliness, solidarity and team spirit. Our credo: sport, health... and safety!

Training and personal development

Involvement, constantly raising the bar, and employee job satisfaction are all key to the success of any company and to every person’s development. Our employees and young talent expect that in a group like ours, they will be able to build a career that is rich in projects and development opportunities, where they can forge a career path, and make fruitful contacts.

Lastly, we endeavour to build a high level of social dialogue with our employees.

  • Training for young people

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg remains committed to supporting young people by contributing notably to their initial technical training through apprenticeships. In the school year 2013/2014, 33 apprentices were trained, 13 took their third year exam with a 100 % success rate. Among them, 80 % were able to find a job, the vast majority were permanent contracts in our Luxembourg plants.

In 2014, ArcelorMittal entities in Luxembourg also welcomed 48 interns and 32 international corporate volunteers (VIE).

Our commitment to the future

Beyond actions promoting the well-being of our employees at work, and training and personal development mechanisms, it is important to capitalise on the skills and know-how that already exist in the company. Managing the age pyramid within ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg is a considerable and increasing challenge on which the company is reflecting. End-of-career management is another challenge to which the company must respond. It must also retain skills within the company and ensure they are passed down the generations. All this is done by ensuring an environment that is favourable to a constructive dialogue with employees.

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