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2016: 1.4

2017: 0.2

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2017: 0

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2016: 7 of 9

2017: 7 of 8


Few days before the international Health & Safety day scheduled on April 28, the ArcelorMittal sites in Luxembourg celebrated their number one priority.

In 2017, ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg recorded its best result in terms of lost-time injury frequency rate* which was 0.2 compared with 1.4 the previous year, which corresponds to a single lost-time accident for all sites in Luxembourg – including both employees and co-contractors.

This result, to be sustainable, requires constant vigilance from everyone. That is why this year the main theme invited our employees and its co-contractors to question the moments of inattention and safety rules bending which consequences can be serious or even fatal. The chosen slogan "that one time could kill you" illustrates the risks associated with a short lack of concentration or with a one-time compromise with a security rule.

Back in pictures on some flagship activities of our sites:


In Belval, the employees lived virtually the everyday risks they might face. An escape game simulating an invasion of aliens required shared and constant vigilance in order to escape from the space station, safely.


In Differdange, virtual reality has also been used to deal with vertigo!


In Bissen, they acted together with professional actors to raise awareness on loading operations.


In Luxembourg-city, our colleagues learned tips to protect their spinal column against sedentary work with a physiotherapist.


For many sites, the Health & Safety day is also the day of the environment. In Dudelange, employees learned how to maintain a hive. Indeed, the site has set up 7 hives last summer, a beekeeper comes regularly to ensure their proper operation. Our colleagues have also planted a plot of fallow flowers. Can’t wait for honey!


In AOB, they learned how to make their own shelf with pallets and brought safety Do-It-Yourself tips at home.


In Dommeldange, movie and discussions on safety were a friendly and efficient opportunity to share the progress made and underline the one still to be achieved.


(*) Lost time injury frequency rate: Lost time accidents + fatalities / Millions of hours worked