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Robots ? Yes, but not only. Digitalization was one of the key themes of this learning week organized by ArcelorMittal University from 11 to 15 June 2018.  Among the various activities offered, our colleagues were able to learn more about what is meant by smart factory and industry 4.0, but also discover the latest trends in online recruitment, social networks, socio-economic trends that shape the employees of tomorrow. Challenges around digitalization have also been raised, such as data protection.

Our colleagues were introduced to the importance of "radical transparency" for our stakeholders, including customers, local communities and investors. Digitization serves and strengthens the dynamics of sustainable development in our industry: from the app to get the profile of the buildings to the big data allowing the traceability of products going through more widely by the social media which, via the scope and the speed of information, enhance companies to control their impacts within their value chain.

In collaboration with the Training Department, the factories were able to benefit from tailor-made activities. Workshops on virtual reality have been organized in order to raise awareness of Security and Quality issues while showing the effectiveness of digitalisation for operational training. The young apprentices joined the session of course ! Meetings also invited the participants to share around the digitalisation, its advantages and its challenges within the industrial sites.