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Launched at the end of 2013, Belval’s maturity project is an integrated system that brings together health and safety processes on the one hand and production processes on the other. This multidisciplinary approach involves production, maintenance, human resources, health and safety.

The decision to develop the maturity project at Belval was made in order to deal with the downturn in safety results on the site. It was important to identify the root causes of the drop, to find new ways to reverse the trend and to improve the effectiveness of existing systems. The project’s ultimate goal was thus a sustainable performance improvement in terms of safety, through the active involvement of all people on the site.

Among other health & safety improvements, cartoons were created in 2016 to communicate the seven essential elements to build a mature health & safety culture.

Quantilien Bury

Safety manager - ArcelorMittal Belval

Developed through a collaborative approach gathering the Occupational health department, the Belval CEO, engineers and shop floor workers, these ingredients aim at building a “Maturity culture”. Each ingredient represents a key behaviour.