​In honor of the international music day, which officially takes place on June 21, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg organized a concert on June 18 to celebrate this moment with the employees of Pétrusse.​ But not just ordinary concert! A group of Luxembourg musicians wanted to perform a show using metal instruments, such as the vibraphone, the baritone saxophone (a version offering a more serious range), the glockenspiel, the hangdrum (or handpan, an instrument of Swiss origin) or various percussions from around the world such as the gong, the cymbals and the triangle.


Pol BelardiPol Belardi (vibraphone and bass), Pierre Cocq-Amann (saxophones, flutes and hangdrum), Laurent Warnier (percussion) each presented their instruments, embellishing their presentation with some anecdotes to stir the curiosity of the audience. Thus, the sound of the vibraphone is created by the percussion of metal lamella amplified by the tubes located below, modulated by small blades hidden in the tubes that allow the vibration of the characteristic sound of this instrument. And did you know that the saxophone is part of the family of woods (and not brass)? Although most of it consists of metal, the sound comes from the reed reed placed on the beak that vibrates and "manufactures" the sound of the instrument.




"The creator of the hangdrum was so successful with this instrument that he asked the applicants to send a CV and letter to explain their motivation to play this instrument."



The band

Thanks to the concert that followed, spectators were able to discover the harmony that can create these atypical sounds but also recognize the iconic "Take five" by Dave Brubeck between improvisations and pieces created by Pol Belardi.








Percussions To finish in style, everyone was invited to come and try the instruments with the musicians. Everyone has found that it is not so simple to get a fair score with simple instruments in appearance but very technical in use!





Thanks to the musicians for reminding us that the different metals around us, such as steel, are synonymous with creativity!