For its anniversary, the foundation is highlighting 40 priority reserves of high ecological value through a brand new guidebook "40 years - 40 reserves - 40 paths", which was officially launched during a press conference on April 25th.

To accompany this guide and to promote its nature reserves, 40 videos/reports will be broadcast. Since 23 March, a nature reserve will be in the spotlight every week on facebook (, instagram ( and youtube ( The challenge? To raise public awareness and to promote the richness of nature in our country.

In order to continue its development for another 40 years, the foundation remains dependent on public and private donations. In this challenge to communicate better and to be more transparent with its supporters, the foundation is launching a new website specifically dedicated to fundraising and donations:

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg has been supporting the foundation for many years through various projects such as the restoration of the great crested newt pond in Rumelange, the Arbor Day or the Natur&ëmwelt mobil. The Hëllef fir d'Natur Foundation is a public utility organisation, created in 1982, whose main fields of activity are: the acquisition and management of nature reserves, information and awareness campaigns for the preservation of nature and biodiversity, scientific studies and research, the preservation of the forest, the realisation of national, inter-regional and European projects having as main objective the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.