ArcelorMittal Foundation Luxembourg, a foundation under Luxembourg law recognized as being of public utility, was created in 2007. After a few years when its activities were put on hold, it was reactivated by the Board of Governors of ArcelorMittal Foundation Luxembourg in December 2021, in order to entrust it with the support and sponsorship actions carried out by ArcelorMittal Luxembourg. The Foundation thus brings together all of ArcelorMittal's CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) initiatives in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and promotes projects that fall within the four pillars that structure its commitment: Environment, Culture and Heritage, Education, Social. It also has a role of facilitator and of setting up synergies between the actors of the Greater Region thanks to its network of partners. It is chaired by Michel Wurth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg.

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Michel Wurth

Chairman ArcelorMittal Foundation Luxembourg

Our ambition is for this Foundation to play a significant role in the philanthropic ecosystem in Luxembourg to support projects aligned with our priorities. In its own way, it must embody the close relationship that has existed for more than a century between the Luxembourg steel industry and the social body of the Grand Duchy. It is a wonderful mission.