At 171 metres tall and with 37 storeys, the 5,000 m² D2 Tower in Paris’s La Défense business district is the French capital’s first steel-framed tower and one of the first steel-framed skyscrapers in France.


As part of a bigger urban renewal project underway in La Défense, the D2 tower is one of the district’s most striking landmarks. The tower’s external ‘diagrid’ structure gives the building a faceted, diamond-like sparkle, with thousands of diamond-shaped windows reflecting the light during both night and day.

ArcelorMittal supplied its customer - steel fabricators Iemants – with 4,200 tonnes of steel products: 3,000 tonnes of HISTAR® jumbo beams from our facilities in Differdange and 1,200 tonnes of cellular beams from our commercial sections entity Steligence Fabrication Centre Luxembourg.


Reducing the D2 Tower’s environmental impact

The D2 Tower was designed by architect Anthony Béchu in collaboration with architect Tom Sheehan. During the study phase, steel quickly stood out as the material of choice, mainly due to the speed of construction it offers: “We pushed for a steel structure while most of the bidders offered a solution based on concrete as their main construction material”, commented Anthony Béchu in an interview with property development company, Bouygues Immobilier. Using steel allowed the architects to use 30% less material compared to other structural solutions, a saving which has helped to improve the tower’s environmental footprint.


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