Launched a few years ago, the PVC-free Nature coating produced by our plant in Bissen offers greater protection than traditional solutions while being more eco-friendly. Nature provides resistance to complex environments (salt air, sand abrasion, aggressive chemicals, extremes of sun or cold and wind), prevents cracking, lifting or flaking and thus affords metal items long-term protection.

This coating removes the threat of emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), plastics and heavy metals into the environment. Used to protect street furniture, marine, offshore and undersea equipment and pipes and employed in construction, Nature is also available for industrial and residential fencing.

Igor Bär

Business Line Manager Fencing & Agribusiness - ArcelorMittal Bissen

Aligned with the group’s ambition to provide products for sustainable lifestyles, a contract was set up between Bissen and Leroy Merlin, a major DIY supplier in France, to supply fencing with a Nature coating in its 126 French stores from January 2017.