Putting Sustainable development at the heart of innovation reached a decisive stage in 2016 with the launch of our ‘Sustainable Innovation’ tool. This new tool was developed by our global R&D team in collaboration with Utopies, a consultancy agency and think tank working to encourage change and the integration of Sustainable development into corporate strategies. Greenhouse gas emissions are, of course, assessed but so are other key social and environmental issues for ArcelorMittal.

The tool will initially be tested on six programmes covering three areas of research – processes, automotive and construction. The R&D team at Esch-sur-Alzette will gradually integrate this approach and will work on the principle issues relating to the tool:

  • Evaluating key social and environmental issues
  • Identifying costs/benefits of solutions comparing to current technology
  • Conducting quantitative analysis of the climate change indicator and qualitative analysis of themes linked to the 10 outcomes
  • Gaining insight into sustainability issues for research projects and the potential for improvement