2014 : na

2015 : 116

2016 : 76


We introduced a new tool for more in-depth analysis of our suppliers in 2015 to ensure procurement we could trust from an environmental, social and ethical perspective. The sample was deliberately more targeted in 2016 for a better quality evaluation.

  • Among the 76 suppliers assessed, 15 scored less than 4 on a scale of 0-6 based on the criteria below. A report on them was issued with a request to set up an action plan.

A new version of IVALUA was introduced in May 2016 to make it easier for the evaluators to create, track and process evaluations. In addition, the survey questionnaire was improved and a sub criterion for evaluating suppliers was added on energy management. This sub criterion is based on ISO 50 001 certification relating to energy management through measuring consumption, information on products and services and the company’s action plan.

Anne Schneider

Head of Purchasing Cluster Luxembourg

On the basis of the sample assessed, just 8% of our suppliers have ISO 50001 certification. However, almost 40% of our evaluated suppliers measure their consumption and are drawing up action plans as a result.

  • Health and safety at ArcelorMittal site and/or external facilities
  • Commercial success/competitiveness
  • Compliance with contractual commitments
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Reactivity to previous evaluations/action plans/audit
  • Reactivity of providers to industrial unplanned events
  • Quality of engineering and documentation
  • Human rights and ethics management
  • Quality management
  • Human resources management
  • On-site environmental management
  • Energy management
  • Health and safety management
  • Equipment, assembly, assurance certificate and quality
  • Delivery compliance
  • Technical specification compliance
  • On-site communication and relations with ArcelorMittal