For years, the Differdange plant has been providing products that participate to the sustainability of the infrastructures in which they are used.

The Heart tower in New York, USA, featuring more than 10 000 tonnes of HISTAR® beams, was certified LEED® Gold in 2006 when it was completed and LEED® Platinum in 2012. © Chuck Choi - Architect Foster + Partners

The Torre Diamante in Milan, Italy, is a 30-floor building built in 2012 with steel from Differdange which was certified LEED Gold. © Christian Mueller

The Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf, Germany, features S 460 HD 400 steel sections produced by the Differdange plant. The building won the 2014 MIPIM Prize for the 'Best urban regeneration project' and was certified LEED platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). © Christian Mueller