2014: 12%

2015: 11%

2016: 12%


At the Dudelange site, all chemical substances for coating sheet steel are delivered by the supplier. Once used, the supplier recovers the empty containers and exchanges them for full containers, thus preventing us from generating soiled plastic packaging waste.

On the HDG (hot-dip galvanisation) site, we have a fully leak-proof facility for chemical substances where we store chemical and oily waste in containers or drums. Pumping and removal can take place here without any risk of environmental accidents.

We do not really store waste. Depending on the type of waste (household, wood), we have different sizes of trucks. For chemical waste from the production process, we start pumping when two 1,000-litre containers are full (2 m3). The removal or pumping of waste is carried out based on tender. The request for removal, indicating location, quantity, waste code and deadline is then sent to the service providers, who work in compliance with the safety procedures.

Our service providers undertake to process waste such as wood, non chlorinated solvents and soiled plastic packaging. The waste valorised as derivatives is mainly paper/cardboard, plastic film and rubber. Zinc sludge from the ELO (electro-galvanising) site are revalorised as well. 

Finally, the unwrought metal from the galvanising baths at the HDG site are taken by a service provider for use as raw material in aluminium foundries.

Delphine Renouard

Health - Safety & Environment Officer- ArcelorMittal Dudelange

Dudelange was awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber® label for the HDG (hot-dip galvanising) site in 2016, achieving the target set in 2015. The ELO (electrogalvanising) site has been certified for 10 years.