2014: 0,63 (m³/tonne of crude steel)

2015: 0,62 (m³/tonne of crude steel)

2016: 0,59 (m³/tonne of crude steel)

2014: 0,09 (m3/tCS)

2015: 0,10 (m3/tCS)

2016: 0,13 (m3/tCS)

2014: 0,30 (m3/tCS)

2015: 0,29 (m3/tCS)

2016: 0,24 (m3/tCS)

2014: 0,24 (m3/tCS)

2015: 0,23 (m3/tCS)

2016: 0,22 (m3/tCS)

2014: 0.45 (m3/tCS)

2015: 0.54 (m3/tCS)

2016: 0.60 (m3/tCS)


At the Bissen site, all water used for industrial operations undergoes a neutralisation process and a control to check that the maximum values set in the environmental permit have not been exceeded. It is only then that the water is discharged into the stream. It should be noted that during neutralisation, there is a procedure for shutting off waste water exits in the event of an incident.

Joël Gengler

Health, safety & environment officer - ArcelorMittal Bissen

To prevent pollution from runoff onto the roads and car park, Bissen has installed a floating barrier on the Attert river inside the site and 200 metres downstream of the site. A pumping system was also installed to assess the water table level and adjust pumping accordingly.