2015: 9.3 (GJ/tCS)

2016: 9.3 (GJ/tCS)

2017: 9.15 (GJ/tCS)


Our teams work every day to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

In Dommeldange, all the lighting of the site was renovated early May with LED lights. The energy consumption reduction is significant: 414 MWh per year. This project demonstrates ArcelorMittal's will to contribute to the Grand Duchy's efforts to reduce energy consumption nationally. In addition to energy savings, this action significantly improves the working conditions of our colleagues as well as our number one priority, Health and Safety, thanks to adapted, neutral and natural lighting with better color rendering. Indeed, the lighting levels were defined by area depending on the activities and needs following a lighting engineering study that identified the appropriate equipment and its ideal positioning.

This project was carried out thanks to the general agreement set up between the energy team of EPO (European Procurement Organization) and various suppliers ready to implement such projects as service contract. For the Dommeldange site, this kind of contract makes it possible to capitalize on the experience of our partners and to carry out projects with strong guarantees of performance while limiting the level of risk and investment. With this new energy contract, the level of lighting and energy savings are guaranteed ten years.



LED lighting is being rolled out in other Luxembourg plants and has already been used for example in France, Poland and Spain.

  • 236 lights replaced
  • 414 megawatt hours saved per year (-60% compared to the old system)
  • 25,000 m2 of renovated halls, ie the surface area of 3.5 football pitches

Jean Marc Hoellinger

Ajuster, ArcelorMittal Dommeldange

The new lighting makes the life of the workshop easier: we can work better and safer while reducing our impact on the environment!

Another example: the increasing digitization encouraged the Luxembourg purchasing department to develop an electronic catalog. It allows to have a global vision of the purchases, thanks to a description sheet, a photo, the price, the packing unit; and to benchmark. Referencing will be expanded to strengthen the product offer and training has already been given on the different sites in Luxembourg.