2014 : 9,1 (GJ/tCS)

2015 : 9,3 (GJ/tCS)

2016 : 9,3 (GJ/tCS)


In order to reduce our environmental impact, the plants of Belval, Differdange and Rodange implemented 62 projects in 2016.

  • 8 millions euros invested
  • 97 GWh saved in 2016 represented the annual consumption of 200,000 fridges

The projects mainly involved process optimisation and control but also covered the purchase of new equipment and replacement of other installations:                        

Differdange: Installation of a conveyor belt for adding anthracite and lime to the electric arc furnace resulting in more accurate proportionning.

  • 38,400 Mwh saved in 2016

Belval: Rules for reheating ladles after maintenance breaks were modified so that the ladles’ natural gas burners were relit just eight hours prior to restart. Energy consumption was thus reduced by 10,450 Mwh in 2016.

  • 10 450 MWh saved in 2016

Rodange: All our reheating furnaces for semi-finished products within the rolling mills are equipped with a system for preheating the air fed into the furnace. The principle involves drawing air from outside the furnace and passing it via a recuperator. It passes the air across pipes in which the furnace smoke emitted from the chimney is circulating. This exchange preheats the air fed into the furnace to bring it up to around 200°C and thus reduces the energy required to heat it.

Guilhem Dollé

Head of Environment - ArcelorMittal Luxembourg - Long products

This operation has a direct impact on our consumption of natural gas. In 2016, the smoke recuperator from the walking-beam furnace at Rodange was cleaned to improve performance of the heat exchange.