Steel is part of the fabric of modern life. Buildings, roads, bridges, railways, cars, and many domestic appliances wouldn’t exist without steel as a component. Steel has the potential to be one of the world’s most sustainable materials, because it’s strong, flexible and can be endlessly recycled. Innovative steel products are helping to reduce carbon emissions in vehicles and buildings, construct smarter cities, and generate renewable energy. But steel faces environmental challenges.

To make steel a material of choice for a sustainable future, ArcelorMittal has defined the kind of company we want to be and has identified 10 sustainable development outcomes. This new sustainable development framework around the outcomes will help us secure the commercial success of our business in the medium term, while contributing to solving the world's sustainable development challenges in the long term. This is good for society, good for our stakeholders and good for us.


Please find below our Sustainability Policy and our commitments:



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