A revamped website

The ArcelorMittal Luxembourg website has recently undergone a complete makeover, with a more modern appearance and a more intuitive interface.

The entire website has been designed to meet the constraints of our branding, our internal needs and the expectations of our visitors. We now have a new, more inclusive interface, each photo and writing has been adapted to be accessible to the greatest number of people, no scrolling text and clear and readable writing. And a more eco-responsible website.
Each content integrated on a web page has its carbon footprint and this issue absolutely had to be addressed. Thanks to the redesign, our Ecoindex score went from F (18/100) to B (72/100) and the site’s greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 186kgCO²/year.
For comparison, this estimate corresponds to a gain equivalent to:

  • 757 km by medium-haul plane
  • 653 km by thermal car
  • The manufacture of 3.76 smartphones (> 5.5 inches)