Brand new machines, talented people and… great customers – all gathered in Differdange

Differdange mill is one of the ‘jewel’ assets of Long Products Europe and it supplies world-class jumbo beams across the world. My team and I are very happy to welcome you to commemorate the installation of the world’s largest roller straightener for sections in the Differdange mill- a moment of great pride for all of us. We are confident that with this investment, the Differdange Mill will continue to serve your needs and provide the best product and service.
Augustine Kochuparampil CEO Long products Europe

The finishing area is an important part of the quality chain for high added value products featured in landmark buildings all around the world – from the One World Trade Center in NYC to the Shanghai Financial Center. After going through the Electric arc furnace, the continuous casting and the rolling mill, the beams are there reinforced through the QST (Quenching and Self-Tempering) process and then straightened, cut into customer length, marked, and shipped.

Our new finishing line was the best opportunity to invite our most loyal customers all over the world in Luxembourg.

Important delegations especially from Mexico, Spain, Northern countries and East are strongly convinced our performing Differdange mill will support their construction projects.
Stefan Deheyder CMO Sections & Merchant Bars

Colleagues from Differdange guided the customers through the plant and present the full scope of the investments made and their main benefits:

  • Consistency of straightness and geometrical tolerances
  • Faster shipment
  • Improved delivery reliability
  • Improved “look and feel” of the sections
  • Ultimate reference for Architects and Structural Engineers across the globe for heavy sections
Carlo Koepp, CEO ArcelorMittal Differdange
Differdange roller straightener

All customers finally gathered with the production and commercial teams at the Mudam (Luxembourg Modern Art Museum designed by Ieoh Ming Pei) in Luxembourg-city to enjoy a guided tour and convivial moments together.

“Differdange Sections are ultimate reference for Architects and Structural Engineers across the globe” concluded Tapas Rajderkar, CEO Sections & Merchant Bars

Photos credentials : Michel Brumat