Grand Duke Jean, illustrious ambassador of the Luxembourg steel industry

It is with great emotion that we have learned this 23 April 2019 the death of His Royal Highness Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg at the age of 98 years.

During his reign, Grand Duke Jean maintained regular relations with the Luxembourg steel industry. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg wishes, as a tribute to His Royal Highness, to share some archive photos and memories of visits made by the monarch on our various Luxembourg plants.

Inauguration of the Belval blast furnace C

On November 16, 1979, for the modernization of the Belval plant and the replacement of the old blast furnaces with three new units with superior production capacities, Belval employees are proud to present to Grand Duke Jean the exceptional production capacity of 4300 tons per day of the new blast furnace C.

Grand Duke Jean at the inauguration of blast furnace C

Proud of the Luxembourg industry

During his long reign, Grand Duke Jean closely followed the evolution of the mining and steel industry, and the crisis of the 80s strengthened the relationship between Grand Duke Jean and Luxembourg steel.

In fact, Grand Duke Jean regularly chose one of our site during official visits by of illustrious heads of state in Luxembourg.

On 9 November 1979, the site of Differdange hosted Grand Duke Jean accompanied by HRH Queen Elisabeth II, honoring the knowledge of the Luxembourgish workers and engineers. In the same way with the King of Spain Juan Carlos I the following year.

Visit of Grand Duke Jean on the site of Differdange accompanied by Queen Elizabeth II in 1979.

Visit of Grand Duke Jean accompanied by the King of Spain in 1980.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg expresses its gratitude for the involvement and support shown by His Royal Highness Grand Duke Jean to the Luxembourg steel industry, in moments of glory as well as in times of crisis.