Luxembourgish artists are fans of industrial architecture

​​​​​The former ArcelorMittal site located between the towns of Schifflange and Esch/Alzette never stops receiving the many requests from artists to work in its places. The unique architecture of the former steelworks has an exceptional cachet in a format giving free rein to the imagination. Photographers, street artists or production companies rush on this exceptional place before it comes to disappear to reborn into the Alzette district.​

For Jos Roll, who always watches over the old Schifflange factory, accompanying artists on the plant has almost become a routine. Especially since local artists are well aware of the very tight time they have left to enjoy the latest infrastructure still standing. Indeed, the first works on the site are planned for 2020.​

For the movie "Rain anyway", it took 3 months to make a model representing ​the location of the filming. They did all this work for a scene that appears at the beginning of the film and lasts 30 seconds maximum! Decorators are real artists, we can still find small houses on the site used for that movie. Everyone who comes here believes that the site is the perfect place they needed for their work.
Jos Roll, Esch-Schifflange Keeper

Jos hosted street artists last week, they enjoy the walls still standing to let express their art. After photograph their works, they will exhibit them in the museum at the entrance of the steel mill.

A photographer also visited the scene to play the contrasts between the beauty of a bright red Porsche Turbo and the post-apocalyptic decor.

This week, Jos assists and ensures the smooth running of a movie. He is now used to this type of event and he knows that audiovisual productions love atypical places with high ceilings, large spaces and with an absolute charm!​​