Our products at the Dubai World Expo

From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 will be held the World Expo in Dubai, a first for such an event in the Middle East.

Luxembourg at the heart of an exhibition under the theme of sustainable development

Luxembourg’s leading trading partner in the Gulf region, the United Arab Emirates is offering this international event a unique opportunity to strengthen relations with the Grand Duchy. The world expo aims to promote innovation and sustainable development through the theme: "Connecting minds, creating the ​​f​uture".​

Luxembourg has chosen the theme "Resourceful Luxembourg" for its pavilion in which will be exposed many innovations from the Grand Duchy in the field of digital, information and communication technologies or in the space field, and flagship steel products, witnesses of the Circular Economy. A total budget of 32 million euros has been announced for this project. A Luxembourg day will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

The Luxembourg pavilion will be finished by the summer ​of 2020

Given​ that working conditions in the building sector in the United Arab Emirates are not always recognized as being respectful of people’s rights, the organization of Expo 2020 has set up a charter that must be respected by all stakeholders and provides a "Worker Welfare" regulation that will be accompanied by numerous controls.

ArcelorMittal : Diamond Sponsor

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg confirmed its participation to the pavilion with donation​​ in kind.

With a donation of € 500,000, Arcelormittal Luxembourg ranks as one of the Diamond Sponsors of the pavilion. Indeed, ArcelorMittal is committed to supply all the steel needed for the construction of the pavilion.