Reduction of dust emissions in Differdange

In January 2024, ArcelorMittal Long Products Luxembourg announced the start of its project to reduce its diffuse emissions in Differdange. A 17.6-million-euro investment which particularly stands out for its 100% environmental and circular approach.
The project, its origins, and the expectations it raises are described in this new video.

Listening to our stakeholders

After more than 120 years of presence in Differdange, our steel production site has seen its surroundings develop, become denser and more diversified. From families working mainly for the factory in the past, we have moved to a new population with very little knowledge of the work carried out behind our walls, sometimes the cause of certain inconveniences encountered by the neighbors.

The city of Differdange identifies 100% with the steel industry

Guy Altmeisch, mayor of Differdange.

Therefore, meetings were initiated between ArcelorMittal, residents of the site and other stakeholders, to listen to everyone’s wishes and expectations, find solutions and take appropriate actions for a more harmonious living together. During these meetings, diffuse dust emissions were discussed and appeared to be a priority to address. The Environment Administration, the city of Differdange and ArcelorMittal installed dust sensors around the site and an inventory of diffuse emission sources was carried out. This made it possible to identify priority areas: two in secondary metallurgy and two in the rolling mill.

It’s a great cooperation between the state on one side and industry on the other to better protect the environment and the quality of life of our residents.

Serge Wilmes, Minister of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity.

A project at the heart of our sustainable development approach

For ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg, it is essential to match our development projects to fair environmental, social and governance criteria to control our societal and environmental impact. The very essence of this project is to limit and even reduce our environmental impact by reducing diffuse emissions by 80% from our Differdange factory by 2026. Its design is not left out since it is to recover the central vacuum system from the old Florange steelworks, for use in Differdange. A good way to recycle equipment rather than simply dismantling it. The central vacuum cleaner will be connected to a network of hoods allowing dust to be collected as close as possible to production. This is a tailor-made solution, unique in its kind. Capable of sucking 1,200,000 m3 of air per hour, dust collection could extend to other sources of emissions in the future.

Beyond compliance with environmental standards, beyond regulatory reporting, it means taking into consideration the expectations and interests of our stakeholders.

Karen Beaujard, ESG Coordinator.