Rout Lens – A colloquy to expose our managerial approach of industrial wastelands

Our industrial rehabilitation projects will be once again a source of inspiration for real estate developers and land owners which aim to create new environmentally friendly places in Europe. Indeed, our colleagues from Real Estate Europe Jean-Philippe Brault and Christophe Ostolani will introduce the Rout Lens rehabilitation project in a colloquy in Liege (Belgium) on Wednesday October 16.

Rout Lens, the new beginning of Lentille Terres Rouges

After a steel production period from 1870 to 1977, “Lentille Terres Rouges” was let abandoned without any solution of maintenance or reuse. These 10 hectares of land in the south west of the Grand Duchy, in Esch/Alzette, between the city center and the French border, represent anyway an interesting potential for urban development.

The rehabilitation of this field previously owned by ArcelorMittal is now in the hands of IKO, a real estate developer. In 2019, both companies organized the clean-up of the site and set up a participatory process through a citizen’s survey, several participatory workshops (where citizens and stakeholders were able to contribute) and the 1st phase of the PAP (urban development plan) procedure. This future eco-district is part of a bigger project launched by ArcelorMittal in the Greater Region, including the former Schifflange site reconversion.

During this colloquy, our colleagues will introduce how this future district will convert the former wasteland into a sustainable, innovative and model place while preserving the industrial heritage in some way -exterior facades of the former industrial buildings will be kept and some others will host new activities.

In the continuity of the eco-district philosophy, the biodiversity living in the land will also be preserved by compensation and according to Luxembourgish and European laws.