Employee commitment, recognition and personal development perspectives are the key to solid performance growth for any company. Our employees and talented young staff expect that a company like ours will enable them to build a career offering a wealth of projects and professional development opportunities as well as productive contacts.

Our goal is to enable our employees to grasp the opportunities afforded for self-development within a global business such as ArcelorMittal. We believe that success is due less to the organisation itself than to the people within it. We are convinced by the need to support and facilitate the development of each individual and to enhance the skills and expertise of those working with us at every level. Lastly, we endeavour to nurture diversity within our teams and to establish a high standard of social dialogue with employees.

The group administration in Luxembourg is handled by people working in marketing, finance, communications, human resources, purchasing and various other departments and business areas. Moreover, engineers in the fields of metallurgy, material sciences, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering or technical computer sciences are working at our 10 sites in Luxembourg among which especially the R&D centre in Esch-sur-Alzette.

  • Our University

The ArcelorMittal University plays a key role in strengthening our corporate culture and advancing careers. One of his main campus is located in Luxembourg. Not only does it provide new recruits and current employees the resources and support necessary to improve their careers, but like all good universities it is a place for exchanging ideas, connecting and networking, and for expanding horizons.

From career-enhancing management courses to tailored induction programmes and online language tuition to help international moves go smoothly, the University is a valuable company-wide resource.

The University also offers highly specialised and technical training in mining and steelmaking skills. Our University is constantly evolving to meet new business needs and market conditions.

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  • The continuous training department & Apprentice in Belval

Our continuous training offer focuses on three areas:

  • Health & Safety, at the heart of our daily challenges, is supported by the training department which helps employees in their learning of adapted behaviors as well as in risk prevention by offering training solutions aligned both with the country's recommendations and with ArcelorMittal standards.
  • Technical Trades training, related to the core business, allows employees to develop their skills to strengthen their internal employability and versatility for today and tomorrow.
  • Management training provides the operational tools necessary for the shop floor managers to adapt quickly to everyday life. They are structured around tools for diagnosis and problem solving, management, communication, change management, stress, etc.

The training offer is, over the years, extended and personalized. The department aims to better understand the needs of its internal customers through satisfaction surveys but also through appropriate communication.