ArcelorMittal Luxembourg has decided to participate in the launch of the Luxembourg Chamber of Crafts to renew four prestigious glass collections of the Grand Ducal House, objectives of a local artisanal production associated with the social and solidarity environment and national heritage in the spotlight.


The Grand Ducal Palace is the showcase of Luxembourg during visits of heads of state. It has all the official receptions of the dishes and the collection of glasses that were filtered three months ago.

To this end, Luxembourg companies wished to thank the Court and the Grand Ducal family, representative of the Grand Duchy in its internal and external relations, and its work for the economic development of the country of its contacts with foreign representatives.



In early June, Grand Duke Henri visited the workshop of making his future glasses accompanied by generous donors. Valerie Massin, Country Manager ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, presents the event, a presentation of ancestral craft techniques that blend perfectly with the high technology of Saturn Technology, the Luxembourg company is achievable with the help of the aeronautics and aerospace industry. medicine, while maintaining an incomparable helping hand, the art of blowing, fine engraving and gilding with fine gold.

The glasses will be kept in the wooden boxes made by ATP Kielener workshop. This association helps people with mental illness in their psycho-social rehabilitation process and also enables them to access suitable jobs for their recovery.


Originally, the representatives representing the finishes, for their quality and their exceptional aesthetics, the incoming glass collections with years spent in the collective heritage of Luxembourg and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have become part of this great adventure.

The official ceremony will take place on June 24th.


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