Early 2018, the site of Belval & Differdange decided to take on an energy efficiency turnkey project: the replacement with LEDs of its lighting infrastructure in the TMB, over 700 old high-pressure sodium vapour lamps and fluorescent tubes. This environment-friendly project has been successfully completed end of June 2019, the implementation of the new luminaries was made without disturbing production.
This project, the first one of its kind carried out by ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange, allows to get on par with the latest lighting norms and regulation, save on maintenance costs and on working time, all whilst performing energy savings and improving working conditions, while being eligible to a substantial amount of subsidies (Enoprimes).​
This LED Lighting energy performance service contract is the biggest to date at ArcelorMittal Belval-Differdange. Design, installation, operation and maintenance have been externalized to our contracting partner who guarantees the energy savings and lighting levels for the next ten years.
Therefore, the facilities are now lit with optimal illumination allowing staff and employees to safely perform the work!
This project could successfully be realized thanks to the excellent teamwork between ArcelorMittal Belval-Differdange and EPO energy efficiency projects team, leading to also significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. 

Hall 10: 
finishing line                                                                 
Hall 8:
 semis storage 

Key figures for the TMB led lighting project: ​

  • Over 700 obsolete lights replaced by LEDs
  • New energy efficient and uniform lighting system compliant with the latest norms (EN12464)
  • With most of the implementation done during daytime, in parallel with production
  • 10-year guarantee on energy savings and lighting levels (Luxembourg levels)
  • Service provider also responsible for all type of related activities maintenance
  • Turnkey project
  • Decreased consumption by over 70% leading to around 2 GWh saving per year

Stéphane Boul

Head of TMB

This innovation solution resolves various problems. On the one hand, the LED technology provides much improved lighting levels (better visibility conditions, increased personal and industrial safety levels), higher color rendering index (as can be seen in the picture after implementation) facilitating better inspection of products, while on the other hand it significantly reduces energy consumption and electricity bills. All the more, the installation was done during day time without interference with production!

Before the project was implemented the TMB, like most sites, was lit with sodium vapor lamps but lighting levels were low and performance was poor. LEDs offer a much higher: energy efficiency, longer life, durability, better color rendering (a measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce colors compared to natural light), than conventional luminaries.
LED_TMB.jpgHall 13: ​finished products storage

Pleased by this first success story, AMBD has decided to apply the same methodology to the other areas.

​Pratik Dutta Roy

Manager – Energy Projects Directorate

The EPO Energy Efficiency team is implementing various Energy Performance Contracts thereby reducing energy consumption, CO2 footprint and thus, performing cost savings, to improve the competitiveness, reliability, sustainability of the sites. Scope of best available technologies includes but not limited to: Renewables, Waste Heat Recovery, Variable Speed Drives, LED Lighting, Reactive Power Compensation, Organic Rankine Cycle and more.