Luxembourg, May 29, 2020,

The ArcelorMittal administrative sites of Luxembourg City and Esch/Alzette reopened their doors this Monday morning, May 18, to welcome employees with improved sanitary conditions. These volunteers were able to return to their offices two months after leaving it and access 100% disinfected premises.

Our colleagues at Pétrusse reception are protected by a transparent divider.

In Luxembourg, in response to the Covid-19 health crisis, ArcelorMittal had invited employees from administrative sites to switch to teleworking and had temporarily closed its industrial sites in order to put in place the most stringent health conditions to accommodate employees in best possible conditions.

After the restart of industrial facilities in early April, it is the administrative offices of Luxembourg City and Esch/Alzette that welcome the employees again, all of whom have returned on a voluntary basis. This return to the office of Pétrusse and AOB employees is a first step. During this first phase, which started last week, employee volunteers are asked to return to their offices, excluding those with health problems or who have to take public transportation.

C. Printz

Covid-19 referent

For the reopening of the AOB, it was difficult to find the necessary equipment so that the employees can return in optimal safety conditions. All the companies were looking for the same products at the same time! Receiving our orders in a short time was an extremely complicated and almost impossible challenge if our purchasing department had not greatly helped us in this process. Then, a reduced team of general services produced all of the "Covid kits" intended for employees and for securing the premises. Finally, our printing service produced all signage informing of barrier gestures.

This joint work of the various departments has enabled us to control our deadlines in securing the site.

A safe workplace

From the reception areas of the buildings, the employees were able to discover the measures implemented by the Facility Management in order to guarantee the health security of all: explicative posters, markings on the ground, oneway circulation in the buildings, disinfectant gel dispensers and individual health kit provided by trained reception staff for return to the office.

The individual sanitary kit contains disposable masks (renewable every week), disinfectant with paper towel to disinfect your office regularly every day, gloves, a touch pen (allowing you to press the buttons on the printers or elevators without direct finger contact) and a hand moisturizer.

AOB (Esch/Alzette) reception is ready to receive employees.

A oneway direction has been implemented in the floors in which it can be applied. The meeting spaces, such as meeting rooms and areas around the coffee machines, have been marked to avoid grouping until further notice.

During the absence of the employees, a specialized cleaning team scrupulously disinfected the workspaces; When they arrived at their place of work, everyone was reassured by seeing the words "disinfection done" placed on their desk.

Example of signposted coffee corner.


Hydroalcoholic gel distributors in Pétrusse (Luxembourg-City).








At some strategic points in administrative buildings, barrier gestures and new measures to reduce the risk of contamination are communicated by posters with very explicit pictograms and hydroalcoholic gel is made available to employees. It is also important to remind employees that good hand washing remains an essential barrier gesture in protecting against contamination.

Recommendations in the premises