2014: 260,000 euros

2015: 280,500 euros

2016: 328,000 euros

2014: 7

2015: 10

2016: 10


From December 4 to 8, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg organised a volunteer week to promote volunteering among its employees.

Each day, they dropped off toys and books for the Wildgen 4 Children action collecting toys for children charity associations working for the well-being and development of disadvantaged children.

During the whole week, some of our colleagues dedicated their lunch break to OUNI. The grocery promotes unpackaged products and zero waste.

ArcelorMittal employees helped them out with the store, especially through the preparation of ready-to-use cake dough that will be great presents to raise awareness about packaging impacts during Christmas!


On December 7, Jonk-entrepreneuren organised a training companies fair, an event at which young students can learn how to run a company through a global fictive marketplace. Our colleagues had the opportunity to help them out with the organization. The association promotes entrepreneurship among students in Luxembourg and is supported by ArcelorMittal Luxembourg for many years.

Carole Henry

Country Manager for governmental affairs and Corporate Responsibility Specialist

ArcelorMittal also supports the Luxembourg and Greater Region's associations in which our employees are engaged. Every year, employees can submit projects and a jury selects which ones to support. Moreover, some of our colleagues participated to the pro bono and co-creation workshops organised by IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring More sustainability) for local associations. In a nutshell, we aim to encourage our employees to volunteer!