Steel run: we did it!

ArcelorMittal’s team of avid runners crossed the finish line of the Differdange Steel Run last Sunday, perhaps one of the most peculiar run routes in Luxembourg. Also known as the ‘Iron City’, Differdange did not run out of ideas on how to challenge competitors and sport aficionados with trials around the city’s iconic attractions.

Some twenty ArcelorMittal employees from our Rodange and Differdange plants and from the AOB administrative building in Esch-sur-Alzette, ran the approx. ten kilometers route passing some very interesting landmarks along the way, such as the 1535° building, ArcelorMittal Differdange’s plant, the Foussban church, and the city hall including a path through the Mayor’s office. In addition to the physical condition required to join the run, this event was a moment full of friendly laughs and good atmosphere within the team and between competitors.

The sole woman part of the group, Delphine Rohr from the Rodange human resources, says: “I started the race with the last group of runners and I had to slow down from time to time but at least, I finished the run! We represent the group and the steel know-how, I couldn’t give up!”

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