ArcelorMittal Luxembourg presents its 2015 Report on Sustainable Development

Luxembourg, August 22, 2016 - ArcelorMittal Luxembourg publishes its 2015 Report on Sustainable Development. The report provides an overview of the group's activities to promote sustainable development in Luxembourg in 2015 and illustrates the group's commitment as a responsible corporate citizen.

ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg has also had its "Socially Responsible Company" label, awarded by INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility), renewed for three years. This label, granted after a rigorous audit conducted by an independent consultant into the company's various fields of intervention, crowns the efforts of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg to further strengthen its sustainable development approach.

The company pursued its sustainable development policy throughout the year on the basis of ten key outcomes. Inspired by the expectations of our stakeholders, these outcomes have guided our efforts to produce safe, sustainable steel.

The year of 2015 was also notable for the introduction of the Sustainable Development Committee which brings together top executives, industrial site managers and a range of internal experts. The Committee is responsible for developing a national vision to be translated into an action plan. The Committee also arbitrates between different projects and guarantees the application of sustainable development principles in various local activities.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg wants to contribute to ensuring that steel, a material that can be infinitely recycled, plays a leading role in developing sustainable infrastructures and lifestyles while overseeing the responsible use of resources and energy and protecting water, air and land. The company has confirmed its involvement in communities through its support of various entities operating in the health, environment and education sectors. Finally, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg conducts its activities within a framework of transparent governance, ensuring that it provides its stakeholders with the means to contact and alert it in order to improve its environmental, social and societal footprint.

The future of the planet is a major concern for both the citizens of the world and responsible companies attentive to their environmental footprint. ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg is committed to contributing to sustainable development through its ten key outcomes.