ArcelorMittal’s 10th Health & Safety Day brings together employees and contractors of the Group throughout the world

Luxembourg, 28 April 2016 – This year, ArcelorMittal is celebrating the 10th edition of its Health & Safety Day. This day is one of the most important events for the company, whose number one priority remains occupational health and safety. ArcelorMittal’s 4,200 employees and contractors in Luxembourg have the opportunity to participate in the Health & Safety Day at their respective locations, as all of their colleagues throughout the world.

The slogan of the Day this year is “Everyone for Safety: Take Care!”; the “Take Care!” program invites everyone to identify risks at his or her workplace, then to speak up and take the necessary initiatives to comply with and ensure others comply with the safety rules. This awareness-raising of responsibility requires the participation of everyone, regardless of their position, in order to achieve the objective of zero accidents within the Group.

At the industrial sites of Belval, Differdange, Bissen, Dudelange and Rodange, various theoretical and practical workshops are proposed to the employees in order to raise their awareness, particularly regarding the operation of fire extinguishers, the use of breathing devices and the compliance with the rules of working at heights. Environmental issues are also addressed through workshops dealing with water and waste management as well as the protection of biodiversity on the sites.

“Adopting the right reaction against burns” workshop in Differdange

The teams at the administrative sites are also invited to participate through activities focused on health. Employees can learn how to do-it-yourself safely to give products a second life at home as well as enjoy energy-boosting breakfast or healthy cooking workshop. Sport and relaxation are on the agenda through taï-chi and hasya yoga sessions.

Taï-chi session in Luxembourg-City

In 2015, the lost time injury rate for the staff and contractors of ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg recorded a slight improvement, with a rate of 1.07 compared with 1.14 in 2014. This result is the product of many actions taken at each site and a willingness to achieve progress in the short, medium and long term.

Alex Nick, Head of Country Management Luxembourg, explained: “The number one priority of our company remains the health and safety of our employees and contractors. We recorded an improvement in 2015 which, although small, demonstrates our ability to keep improving thanks to the commitment of our teams. After this day is over, we must continue to maintain this level of vigilance, which is necessary in order to achieve our objective of zero accidents. I am confident in our ability to continue our progress in this area.”