Renewal of ESR Label for ArcelorMittal Luxembourg by INDR

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg renewed its “Socially Responsible Company” (ESR) Label during the ceremony by the INDR at the Chamber of Commerce on November 26. As president of INDR and UEL (Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises), Mr. Michel Wurth congratulated the participants and pointed out that 99 companies have been labelled since 2010.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of each company and associations was assessed through the ESR framework developed by INDR (National Institute for Sustainable development and CSR) in collaboration with leading CSR actors in Luxembourg. The framework allows companies to consider CSR as a shared value creation, both for society and business.

Among governance, environmental and social issues, the labeled participants could identify, during an intense verification session supported by an independent expert, strengths and weaknesses in their CSR approach. Indeed, the INDR highlighted that CSR is becoming a strategic tool for top management to combine competitiveness and sustainable development goals.

Among the 27 labeled companies, 17 received the ESR Label for the first time and 10 renewed it for another three years among which ArcelorMittal Luxembourg.

The questionnaire which implied as a first step an online auto-evaluation required a strong cross-sector collaboration with all departments reaching from Environment to Human Ressources, etc.

Thus, the engagement and support of all relevant actors within the company has been essential to achieve this renewal of the Label ESR. Boris Donnay, Head of R&D Center in Esch/Alzette, represented ArcelorMittal Luxembourg at the ceremony.

During his speech, he underlined that ArcelorMittal Luxembourg has already been involved for many years in a socially responsible approach. At the heart of our sustainable development strategy: Health&Safety of our employees and subcontractors, training and career development, efficient use of natural resources and energy and education or local community investments.

As a best practice he stressed the rental project of sheet piles. The product life cycle is extended by a circular use of the sheet piles – a significant project embedded in the company’s approach towards Circular Economy.

INDR: Initiated by the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises (UEL), the National Institute for Sustainable development and CSR (INDR) has been created in 2007 with the mission to raise awareness on CSR within Luxembourg’s companies.