ArcelorMittal Luxembourg joins in the ASEFYL Summit

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg supports the ASEF Young Leaders Summit on Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment taking place in the Grand Duchy from November 2 to 5.

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is an organisation which aims to enhance exchange between Asia and Europe. This summit gives an opportunity to 150 young leaders, entrepreneurs or students from both continents to meet with European policymakers and managers. This event is held in partnership with the Foreign Ministers' Meeting organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg. The University of Luxembourg and the European Investment Bank welcome this summit to which ArcelorMittal contributes through the participation of Mr. Vijay Goyal, ArcelorMittal Europe Chief Financial Officer.

During his speech, Mr. Goyal underlined that any business creation always starts with an idea: to make it grow, self-confidence and confidence in the idea as well as determination are key to achieve everyone’s ambition!

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg is further contributing to this event by organising a visit of its Differdange site  for the participants of the summit. A unique opportunity for the young leaders to discover the "made in Luxembourg" range of products shipped throughout the world.