Going wider – ArcelorMittal launches new generation of extra-wide sheet piles

Luxembourg, 2 July 2015 – Wider, lighter and stronger: ArcelorMittal introduces a new generation of more cost-efficient, extra-wide sheet piles, which contribute to an additional value creation for its customers.

Continuous research and development as well as close cooperation with customers for sheet piling solutions enabled ArcelorMittal to become world leader in the production of hot-rolled sheet piles.  ArcelorMittal sheet piles have a long tradition and have been leading the way for many decades. The new range of wider sheet piles will be produced in the ArcelorMittal mill in Luxembourg which has a history of over 100 years in sheetpile production and  are made from 100% recycled steel that can be re-used and recycled.

The group makes it a priority to pass on the research benefits to its customers.  “Innovation is key to maintaining our position as the partner of choice. We focus on high quality, outstanding service and technological development to serve our customers with efficient and sustainable product solutions”, comments Augustine Kochuparampil, CEO at ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products.

35 million EUR investment in Belval

As state-of-the-art sheet piles require top class production facilities, ArcelorMittal has invested 35 million EUR in its highly specialized rolling mill in Belval, Luxembourg. New straightening equipment is the key element of this investment, which enables the production of wider sheet piles.

Since 2004, ArcelorMittal has observed a steady increase in demand for sheet piles with widths of over 700 mm. After extensive finite element simulations, optimisations and driving tests under real conditions, the group will start production of the new considerably lighter sheet piles with a width of up to 800 mm in September 2015. The increased width of these AZ-800 sheet piles reduces the required number of elements and consequently leads to faster execution time.

Alex Nick, Country Head ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, states: “The investment in our Belval site demonstrates ArcelorMittal’s confidence in our capability to deliver top quality products in Luxembourg. This has become possible due to the great teamwork by our people in production, R&D, sales and marketing. Our know-how and the involvement of our teams in Belval are the foundation for upcoming new success stories”.

About the new AZ profiles

ArcelorMittal will launch four new sizes of sheet piles in the coming months:
September 2015: AZ 25-800
November 2015: AZ 30-750
H1/2016: AZ 20-800 & AZ 50-700

The wider AZ range is suitable for all types of soil conditions, has excellent drivability and allows for the use of standard pile driving equipment.

All new profiles will be available in high strength steels that enable the design of lighter sheet pile sections with a higher moment of inertia reducing the overall deformation under loads. All prefabricated elements are quality-checked at the plant before delivery.

Service philosophy

The market introduction of the new range shall strengthen the competitive position of ArcelorMittal’s sheet piling customers in the foundations solutions market. ArcelorMittal is a strong partner, being fully aware of its responsibilities as market leader.

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