2014 report on Sustainable development

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg presents its 2014 report on Sustainable development.

27 July 2015 – This report provides an overview of ArcelorMittal activities in Luxembourg in 2014, illustrating its commitment to Sustainable development and confirming its position as a responsible corporate citizen.

2014 was a year of transition for the group's Sustainable development policy. Our strategy is now structured around 10 outcomes, based on the expectations of our stakeholders which guide our activities in order to produce safe sustainable steel.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg is convinced that steel, which by nature can be indefinitely recycled, has a key role to play in Sustainable development in the form of products that enable sustainable lifestyles, the construction of eco-friendly infrastructure, the responsible use of resources and energy, and the protection of water, air and the soil. Through the support of various projects in the fields of health, environment and education, the company has also a significant impact in the community.

Finally, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg conducts its activities within a framework of transparent governance, ensuring that it provides its stakeholders with the means to contact and alert it in order to improve its environmental, social and societal footprint.

The coming years will enable ArcelorMittal Luxembourg to further develop its activities led by these 10 outcomes.

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Sustainable Development Report 2014 - ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

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