Steel, the fabric of life: Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf

"Contrary to popular belief, buildings are not inanimate objects. They live and breathe and have just as we humans an interior and exterior, a body and a soul. " Daniel Libeskind, the architect of Kö-Bogen

With our innovative steel products, we contribute to give a body and a soul to buildings. As with “Kö-Bogen”, a state-of-the-art building complex designed by star architect Daniel Libeskind, which marks the northern Königsallee in Düsseldorf.

For this project, ArcelorMittal has supplied 400 tonnes of HD400 profiles in steel grade S460 from its plant in Differdange (Luxembourg), which were used for the ceiling construction.

With curved facades, five upper storeys and a height of around 26 meters, the buildings form the heart of Düsseldorf, the state capital of German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia. Kö-Bogen is characterised by a façade of glass and natural stone, which is broken with diagonal cuts. Since 2014, 35,000 m² of area is used for retail, offices and restaurants and until the end of this year, attractive places, green boulevards and other architectural landmarks will arise in the surrounding.

After Kö-Bogen was awarded with MIPIM AWARD in the category "Best Urban Regeneration Project" in March 2014, it reached the LEED certification platinum (certificate from the US Green Building Council "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design") half a year later. This sustainability standard honours projects for the use of renewable energies, sustainable construction and building materials.