From Sweden to Turkey: recent applications of our Belval and Differdange mills

ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg sites are once again able to see the triumphant result of their hard work in real life application, as the Sundsvall bridge in Sweden and the Mistral Tower in Izmir, Turkey, were recently inaugurated – the first using sheet piles from Belval, and the second beams from our Differdange site.

Connecting people in Sweden

The extension of the E4 highway connecting the cities of Myre and Skönsberg (around 400km north of Stockholm) required crossing of the Sundsvall estuary – and therefore the construction of a brand new bridge spanning 2,240m.

ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling won the tender and supplied steel sheet piles - up to 50m long - that were used for the construction of the foundations of the eight pillars of the bridge. Impressive in size, one such double pile (AZ 38-700N) weighs up to 12.6 tonnes. A lot of time was therefore invested in the early stages of the project to coordinate the production and the shipment of the sheet piles, an extra effort which paid off as the site was able to provide steel of the desired quality on time. In addition to this, ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling also provided support for the technical solution.

Taking up this challenge, the ArcelorMittal Belval team was once again able to meet every customer requirement by providing customised and innovative products and solutions.

A skyscraper made of steel in Turkey

The brand new Mistral Tower, a residential building in Izmir stands out in Turkey’s second-largest city not only for its height – 200m – but also for its atypical composition. Whilst most of the skyscrapers in the country are made primarily of concrete, the entire structure of this tower was built using mainly steel – i.e. steel beams produced in the ArcelorMittal Differdange site in grades ranging from HD 400 x 262 to HD 400 x 1086.

ArcelorMittal Differdange provided a total of 1,485 tonnes and, going one step further to satisfy customers’ needs, the ArcelorMittal Eurostructures Beam Finishing Center, also in Differdange, created the required bevelled edges on the beams using flame-cutting, an operation which provided the customer with high added value and which is difficult to execute on the construction site, but which is necessary to be able to stub the beams together afterwards.