A second delivery of beams, measuring more than 60m in length and manufactured at ArcelorMittal Differdange, for a bridge in Germany

18th August 2014: This summer sees ArcelorMittal and CFL cargo repeating the feat achieved at the start of last year: Today, 14 more Jumbo beams will be transported by CFL cargo from ArcelorMittal Differdange to Dresden for use in the construction of a railway bridge by German rail company Deutsche Bahn.

Oversize beams...

The beams, from the Grey mill in Differdange, are exceptional in terms of their size: each one is 60.6 metres long. To produce them, two beams measuring 37 metres and 23 metres in length were welded together at ArcelorMittal’s Finishing Centre for beams and sheet piles (centre de parachèvement poutrelles et palplanches, C3P) in Differdange.

In compliance with strict quality standards imposed by Deutsche Bahn, the beams underwent numerous inspections, with particular attention being paid to the welds, which were examined with ultrasound and X-rays to detect any defects. “These beams bear testimony to our expertise and our ability to rise to our clients’ challenges,” said Frédéric Weissenburger, Production Engineer at the C3P Finishing Centre.

Frédéric Weissenburger and Fritz Crelo

...need an oversize transport

In addition to the manufacturing of the beams, the transport by rail of these 14 behemoths, which tip the scales at nearly 190 tonnes, is a feat in itself. CFL cargo’s task consists of planning the transportation of this exceptional load, while taking into account the scale of the beams. The loading of the wagons, specially designed for transporting these oversize beams, has to be undertaken with extra care to ensure that the train can travel smoothly throughout its journey from Differdange to Dresden. As an ultimate constraint, the delivery must be made “just in time”; in other words, the beams must arrive at the site precisely when they are needed for installation, as it is impossible to store them in the vicinity of the bridge currently under construction.

“This second delivery proves that the success of last year’s operation was no mere coincidence,” Fritz Crelo, CFL cargo’s Loading Expert and Head Wagon Inspector, points out. “CFL cargo is a European leader in the transport of extra-long beams – an expertise that sets us apart from our competition,” he continues.

And since this operation sets a precedent, ArcelorMittal has requested an entry in the Guinness Book of Records!