Steel in Luxembourg - history, production and applications

Domaine Schlassgoart in Esch/Alzette opened on 12th June its doors on the backbone of Luxembourg history which is steel. With an exhibition dedicated to the development of steel and the steel industry in Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal shows people of all ages the vast uses of steel that shapes our everyday objects in a thousand ways.

With contemporary applications of steel ‘made in Luxembourg’, one becomes aware of the importance of the material in the development of our country. This exhibition is also a tribute to decades of men and women who built this industry which imbibes the essence of the country. Younger audiences can better understand the size of a key economic, cultural, social and industrial link in the Grand Duchy.

The steelmaker expertise

"The exhibition is primarily an illustration of the methods of producing steel. Blast furnaces, electric furnaces, rolling mills, to name a few, are the steel heritage that has been constantly growing over the years, "says Christian Zeyen, Country Manager of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg. Through investment and research and development, nowadays, facilities tend to secure workspace and living by creating ever more complex and bespoke products, especially for the construction industry. The exhibition includes among other product samples, models and videos.

Steel - the fabric of life

Long products, flat and wire, Luxembourg offers a sample of what is better: steels with high yield strength for bridges, beams for the European Investment Bank in Kirchberg, giant beams for skyscrapers all over the world, including One World Trade Center in New York, sheet piling to reinforce dikes against flooding, metal fibers to reinforce concrete or pre-painted galvanized steel to beautify the facades such as that of the Namur chocolate factory in Luxembourg-Hamm.

Last year ArcelorMittal Luxembourg provided the world with projects as spectacular as exceptional. Steel is the frame of life and it has the incredible ability to be 100% recyclable. Cars, cans, buildings, rails, its multiple applications and its properties are surprising. Check them out now!

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 11:30 and for groups from 15 to 20 people from 14:00 to 16:00 (on appointment only). Appointments can be made by calling the following number 53 13 27 59.