Belval and Differdange sites certified with ISO 50001 standard for energy management

Our Belval and Differdange sites have recently been recognised with the ISO 50001 certificate, the international standard for energy management. They are also the first industrial sites in Luxembourg to receive this recognition.

End 2013, the Belval and Differdange sites in Luxembourg have been certified ISO 50001, the international standard for Energy Management. There are only a few ISO 50001 certified companies in the world and in our group. In Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange is even the first industry to receive this recognition.

Energy is a key topic in the industrial world today and will be even more in the years to come. The price of energy is a key factor in our costs and savings in this area have a direct impact on the production costs.

In the same spirit as the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management, the ISO 50001 certification rewards the many efforts made in all departments for several years to reduce our energy consumption. Congratulations to the energy correspondents of the various departments of Belval & Differdange for their work and to the entire staff for his involvement in this process.

Our very young Energy Management system will continue to progress in 2014, providing departments with additional management tools to further reduce their energy consumption.